Let’s take a selfie!

Hey guys! *this is where I tell you why after announcing that I was back, I went away again, but that’s story for another day* Sometime ago, I made a commitment to start reading and I did read a couple of books which I reviewed HERE Today, I’ll be reviewing a book by Laju Iren […]

Not a book review : Americanah

Hey people! It’s Friday! Don’t you just love weekends? My holiday is not much of a holiday, I started an internship program at Anncranberry Atelier so I still have to head out everyday. It’s stressful but I’m definitely enjoying it. At least it isn’t filled with law lecturers and long lecture notes. I’ve tried to […]

The Makoko series : Giving back.

Hey guys! This is a long overdue post. Remember The Sleeves Rolled Up Initiative (SRU) from HERE.  Well SRU Initiative in conjunction with Africa Reeds, embarked on another mission to Whanyinna Nursery & Primary School, Makoko on the 17th of March. Makoko, popularly referred to as the ‘Venice of Africa’ is a vast slum located […]

The Makoko series : We all need love

Hi guys 🙋 I’m really excited about writing this post cos it’s about something very dear to my heart. The SRU initiative, short for Sleeves Rolled Up, is an initiative born out of the need to stop the younger generation from making some of the mistakes the older generation made in ensuring that we become […]